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Blount County, Tennessee
Eusebia Presbyterian Church Homecoming, August 31, 1924:
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​Eusebia Presbyterian Church, on Hwy. 411 at Burnett Station Road, a little south of the Sevier County line, is one of the oldest churches in the area. 

​There are numerous Revolutionary Soldiers buried in their cemetery. Some still have their original stone marker, although others have only a modern marker. On 04 Jun 2012 I took a bunch of pictures and posted several here. You'll notice some of the inscriptions had been gone over with chalk - I suppose that had been done Memorial Day.

On August 31, 1924, they had a homecoming celebration, and published a brochure. I've made it into pdf pages, and added a surname index. You're cautioned against taking any of these claims as fact without checking other sources. However, remember that the older people living in 1924 could have remembered the early members and their families. Help yourself to this if you're interested.
Eusebia Presbyterian Church and a portion of the cemetery.
I believe there's supposed to be 13 Revolutionary Soldiers buried at Eusebia. Here are markers for 11 of them: John McCroskey, John Cusick, John Sharp Sr., Samuel McMurray, Joseph Black Sr., Robert McTeer, Andrew Bogle Sr., Joseph Bogle Sr., John Pickens, George Hadden, and Andrew Creswell. Somehow I managed to overlook Josias Gamble. The 13th is John Pitner.

You'll notice a few of them have only a modern bronze marker. I don't know what the proof is that they actually are buried here, and they actually did serve. 

Also, a couple of the 'new' bronze markers show different dates than the old original ones.