East Tennessee Roots
- the history and genealogy of East Tennessee
Carter County, Tennessee
Blevins, Sarah1818
Bogart, Samuel1833
Carroll, John1833
Carter, Alfred M.1845
Carter, Elizabeth1848
Crawford, James H.1845
Dotson, George1794
Duggar, Sr., William1839
Heart, Leonard1849
Hyder, John1833
Lacy, George W.1848
Love, Thomas D. 1833

Here's a list of wills and inventories in Carter County Will Book 1794-1851:
Lusk, Robert 1802
Miller, Jeremiah 1825
Mulky, James nd
Powell, Joseph 1839
Smith, George 1850
Taylor, Jonathan 1842
Taylor, Andrew 1844
Tipton, Samuel 1822
Wagner, Mathias 1835
Williams, Edmund
Williams Sr., John 1847
Since Carter County was cut from Washington County in 1796 - and Washington was the original 1777 county - it's easy to assume that Carter County wasn't settled quite as early as was Washington. This is not the case! In fact, it's just the opposite; sites of some of the oldest white settlements are now in Carter County! 

  • Where was the Watauga Purchase? Carter County.
  • Where was the first government established under North Carolina? Carter County. 
  • Where was the King's Mountain muster? Carter County. 
  • Where did Col. John Carter, Valentine Sevier, Andrew Taylor live? Carter County.
  • ...and on and on

Here's some photos I took several years ago. 

First is Sabine Hill. These were taken 16 Jan 2006, at which time the house was for sale. You can see both how regal it had been, and how deplorable a condition it was in then. The location (at the edge of Elizabethton) is prime for commercial use, so we were all afraid the house would be demolished - but my understanding is that the state of Tennessee purchased it with the intent to restore it. Whether that has occurred yet, I do not know. 

Sabine Hill was built by - depending on who you ask - either Gen. Nathaniel Taylor or his widow, Mary Patton Taylor. And was built in about 1818-1820 (not 1796, as wikipedia says). The ell is an addition, although an old one.
The Carter County, Tennessee, courthouse, in Elizabethton.
Sabine Hill, the Gen. Nathaniel Taylor/Mary Patton Taylor house, near Elizabethton, Carter County, Tennessee.
One side...
The other side...
And the back.
Showing the dentil moulding.
Close-up of the front door...
And the fanlight as seen from inside.
Detail on the side of the stairs.
One of the fireplace mantels.
Another fireplace mantel.
A third fireplace...
And detail of the mantel.
This fireplace I think was in the ell.