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Newspaper Abstracts 1791-1893
We've been entrusted with a massive manuscript collection of East Tennessee newspaper abstracts, from 1791 thru 1893. 

These abstracts were begun back in the late 1940s by a local librarian, added to by another librarian, then passed along to yet a third librarian - who did the lion's share of the work - and now they've ended up with me!

There are several binders and folders full: some pages appear to have been final proof-read and ready to go; other pages still have notes on them and were no doubt intended to be re-typed.

These abstracts will be turned into pdf documents and uploaded here as soon as possible so that you all may finally benefit from this multi-decade, multi-person undertaking.


​Here's a few random, representative pages:

Knox Times, 1840
Knoxville Standard, 1846:  a -- b -- c -- d -- e -- f
Knox Daily Register, 1862 
Knox Daily Register, 1863
Knox Daily Herald, 1868
Knox Daily Tribune, 1882
Daily Tribune, 1891

I also have a full set of copies of the Army Mail Bag (1863-65), some copies of the Presbyterian Witness, and assorted other papers, one from Campbell County, 1900.