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Greene County, Tennessee
Does anyone know what this old brick building is/was? I'm guessing a school....?  I took it about... maybe... 1993. I'm not quite sure where I was. I had been to Camp Creek, stopped at the old general store at the 'Y' and, leaving the store, took the right-hand fork (i.e., northwest-ish) towards Greeneville. If memory serves, in just a few miles there was a sharp left-hand curve, the road straightened, and this building suddenly appeared, on the right! There wasn't a place to pull off the road, but I stopped on the road and snapped this picture. I think it had burned only shortly beforehand -- seems like I could still smell the smoke. Looking at a map, it must have been somewhere on Hwy. 350, maybe on the south side of the Nolachucky. 
History of Greeneville College
Back in East Tennessee Roots v3n1 I transcribed a section on the history of Greeneville College from Brief History of Tennessee From 1817 to 1887, by Rev. J.E. Alexander, D.D.

Here 'tis:  ETR v3n1 p24  --  ETR v3n1 p25  --  ETR v3n1 p26  --  ETR v3n1 p27
Greene County Births November 1881-May 1882
Back in East Tennessee Roots v3 and v4 I transcribed births from a volume of that name, which was kept in the Greene County courthouse. 

Here 'tis:  
Names A-M:  ETR v3n4 p177  --  ETR v3n4 p178  --  ETR v3n4 p179  --  ETR v3n4 p180  --  ETR v3n4 p176
Names N-Z:  ETR v4n1 p12  --  ETR v4n1 p13  --  ETR v4n1 p14
1820 Greene County Census of Manufactures
Is this what you're looking for? It's very interesting - and there's many, many entries. You'll find it transcribed in it's entirety in East Tennessee Roots, so just.......