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# Title

1  Land Grants: An Overview of North Carolina's Land Act of 1777

2  East Tenn County Formation: Dates Formed, Parent Counties, County Seats

3  Using County Formation Data In Your Research

4  Knox County Tales: Secret Silver Mines in Copper Ridge

5  Grainger County: Taxable Inhabitants Living Within Indian Boundary, 1797

6  East Tennessee Extant Federal Census Records: Population, Manufactures, Mortality, Slave, Agricultural, Deficient & Insane, Union Veterans and Widows

7  East Tennessee's 1820 Census of Manufactures

8  Does My Court Record Exist? Where to Find Out What County Court Records Exist and Then Read Them For Yourself 

9  Hawkins Co. Revolutionary Pensioners As Found in 1840 Hawkins Co. Census

10  Perpetual Calendar 1753-2024

11  Evaluating Primary Documents: Letters, Journals, and Diaries

12  John Brabson Shields' Reminiscences [Hamblen County]

13  Col. Samuel Wear Explains the Death of Cherokee Sassa [1802]

14  The Knoxville 'Lottery'

15  Pharaoh Jackson Chesney

16  Before Tennessee Statehood: The Watauga Era 1772-1776

17  A Partial List of Watauga Residents

18  Do It Right! Using Primary and Secondary Sources in Your Research

19  Useful Maps: Tenn Dept of Transportation; Tennessee Valley Authority

20  Where, Oh Where, Are The County Court Records?

21  The East Tennessee History Center: Calvin M. McClung Historical Collection -- Knox County Archives -- East Tennessee Historical Society and the Museum of East Tennessee History

22  The 1850 Scott County, Tennessee, Slave Schedules

23  Early Grainger County Ferries and Mills

24  Elisha Baker: The Founder of Knoxville?

25  A Folk Art Clock From Appalachia

26  Recommended East Tenn Resources, Part 1: Some I Just Cannot Live Without

27  Early Jonesborough Residents As Recalled by Col. Robert I. Chester (1793-1891)

28  Christopher Alex Haun: Bridgeburner and Potter

29  Navigation on the Tennessee and Holston Rivers in the 1830s As Recollected by Marcus Parrott

30  21st Annual Wilderness Wildlife Week, Jan. 8-15, 2011 -- Pigeon Forge, TN

31  Using Unclaimed Letter Lists as Resources

32  Unclaimed Letters at Elizabethton P.O., 1837

33  Unclaimed Letters at Loudon P.O., 1853







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