East Tennessee Roots
- the history and genealogy of East Tennessee
James County, Tennessee
Poor James County: there's little to say about it other than it no longer exists. 

It was formed from Hamilton and Bradley counties in 1871. It was too small and too tax-base poor to sustain itself. In 1919 it ended and became part of Hamilton. 

All Federal census schedules from 1880-1910 still exist for James, save the 1890 population schedules. The county court records that remain from it's 1871-1919 existence are in Hamilton. For research prior to it's 1871 creation look in Hamilton or Bradley counties; for research after it's 1919 demise look in Hamilton.

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Ooltewah was the county seat. The last courthouse still exists; it's privately-owned now, as the Mountain Oaks Wedding Chapel. 

And by the way - it's Ool-te-wah, not Oo-tel-wah! Please!