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Miscellaneous Slave Items
Here's a random assortment of items relating to slavery.
Notes from the volume Carter County, Tennessee, Wills and Inventories 1794-1851:

William Maclin (of Davidson Co.) sells for $180 to John Maclin (of Carter Co.) negro girl Sarah, daughter of Fillis. 17 Nov 1798. [page 17]

John Powers (of Frederick Co., VA) sells for $133.33 to Mary Worley (of Carter Co.) negro girl Minny. 13 Jul 1799. [page 18]

Mathais Wagner (of Carter Co.) wrote his will 13 Feb 1835. In it he mentions numerous slaves; relationships are confusing, but I can identify these: negro men Jonas and Jesse; boys Alexis and Charles; Rachel, Milley, and Lotty; Jinney; Milley's sons: John, Joseph, Allered(?), (illegible?), Julius; Milley's daughters:(illegible?), Rody, Sinda, Silott(?), and Matilda. [page 27-28]

Jeremiah Miller wrote his will 14 Oct 1825. His negro girl Rachel, about 16 years old, to Matilda Dearman (who is dau of Lydia Dearman, who claims that he, Jeremiah, is Matilda's father). [page 76-77]

Sarah Blevins wrote her will 28 Oct 1818. Negro slaves Bets (aged 23), and her children Rachel (aged 7), Sarah (aged 5), Letty (aged 3), and Dice (will be 1 in January) to go to Blevins' daughter and son-in-law Permanis and Agness Lovelace. [page 86]

James H. Crawford wrote his will 17 Dec 1845. Negroes Sarah (about 10-12 years old), and John (about 3-4 years old). [page 90-92]

​Elizabeth Carter (of Carter Co.) has negroes: Celia (or Sealy) and her 3 children AnnetteJames
HarritCharlotte and her children BetsyNelsonNathanielLandonGeorgeEady and her children MarthaNoahSabraFanny. Eady is to be emancipated and Elizabeth Carter's daughter Mary C. Taylor is to let Eady work for her the rest of her life. [page 93-97]

Nathaniel K. Taylor wrote his will 24 Feb 1844. Has negroes LewisAmon, and Lyle/Delphia. [page 103-06]

George W. Lacy has volunteered for the Mexican War; his only sister to have his half-interest in four slaves: Harriet and her three children, DaveIsabella, and Ann. 04 Jan 1848. [page 120-21]