East Tennessee Roots
- the history and genealogy of East Tennessee
East Tennessee Roots 
First-person Recollections include:
  • Early Navigation on the Tennessee and Holston Rivers, by Marcus Parrott, who recalls his early life working on steamboats back in the 1830s.
  • Accounts of the Battles of Campbell's Station and Fort Sanders, 1863, by H.S. Burrage and O.M. Poe, with a detailed map by John G. Orth
  • Account of Mexican War, 1848, Recollections by a Participant  *will be in issue n4, now in progress

Original, Well-documented research:
  • Government of the Territory South of the River Ohio  *will be in issue n4, now in progress
  • ​Watauga and Washington District Eras
  • Early Washington County Events and Activities

County Records include:
  • The original Washington County Court Minutes 1778-on transcripts (in continuing installments)
  • Jefferson County Will transcripts (in continuing installments)
  • Grainger County Court Minutes (in continuing installments, concluded)
  • Grainger County 1820 Census of Manufactures - actual images!
  • Greene County 1820 Census of Manufactures
  • Sullivan County list of estates - actual images!  *will be in issue n4, now in progress
  • Sullivan County Tax Lists: 1796, 1797, 1797 Delinquents - actual images!
  • Knox County Tax List 1805 - actual images!  *will be in issue n4, now in progress
  • Knox County 1796 Delinquent tax list - actual images!
  • Meigs County 1850 Slave Schedules
  • Polk County 1850 Slave Schedules
  • Campbell County 1850 Slave Schedules
  • Blount County 1850 Slave Schedules  *will be in issue n4, now in progress

Other Records and Articles Include:
  • Boyd's Creek Baptist Church Minutes 1814-1852 - a transcript from this early Sevier County church.
  • Index to Joseph Greer's 1784 Account Book
  • Some Ford/Maxey Family Articles, Knox County

Reprints of Old Articles:
  • Rogersville Centennial 1889
  • Railroad Directory for the East Tennessee/Virginia and the East Tennessee/Georgia Railroad Routes

Family Info and Bios:
  • Draper, May, Franklin, McDonald, Adams, Hunt, Hall, Hais/Hays, Cox, Osborn, Norman, Hale, Jones, Lee, Morgan, Hutchison, Baird, Cannon, Lipps...

Volume 10

Volume 10 - all four issues - contains over 400 pages of first-person recollections, well-documented and well-researched articles, county records transcripts (and several with the actual images), family information, and more. Every issue is surname-indexed. 

Specifically, Volume 10 contains...
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Subject Index to Vols. 2-10
Volume 8

First-Person Accounts:
  • Susan Heiskell McCampbell's Journal, Dandridge, 1863-65
  • Return J. Meigs' Journal at Southwest Point, 1801-1807
  • Rugby Colony Papers

Original, Well-Documented Research:
  • Hopewell (1786) and Holston (1792) Treaties; Treaties of 1794, 1798, 1804, 1805, 1806 - with full texts.
  • Stereoscopes and Construction of the Cincinnati-Southern Railroad, Roane County.

County Records include:
  • Grainger County Court Minutes 1796-1802, installments 12, 13
  • Hamilton County 1820 Census of Manufactures
  • Hawkins County tax records: Unpaid (1816) , Insolvencies (1822, 1832), Delinquent (1825, 1926)
  • Loudon County, Letters Left in Loudon Post Office 1853
  • Morgan County 1850 Slave Schedules
  • Rhea County 1820 Census of Manufactures
  • Roane county 1820 Census of Manufactures
  • Washington County 1820 Census of Manufactures

Reprints of Old Articles:
  • Hawkins County Revolutionary Soldiers as of 1840
  • Hawkins County Odd Fellows' Female Collegiate Institute
  • Huntsville, New Market, Jearoldstown Rittenhouse, Swift Academies

Family Info and Bios:
  • Dr. Harvey Baker, James Blackbourn, James A. Caldwell, Patrick Carey, Cavett, Thomas Coldwell, Joseph/Sarah Cole, Conn, Edgar, Fitzpatrick, E.E. George, James Hale, C.A. Haun, Heiskell family, Robert Kyle, McCampbell family, McEntire, McKinney, Meigs, Millsaps, Netherland, Nugent, Portwood, Rhea, Richardson, Aaron Smith, Walker, Wright.
Volume 9

Original, Well-Documented Research:
1788 Petitions from South of French Broad River (Indian Territory) - transcription with actual images!
North Carolina Land Acts - verbatim transcripts of these important acts.
North Carolina Land Grants, parts 1, 2 (of many more) - details of who entered land, when perfected, etc.
East Tennessee Censuses for 1791, 1795, 1800, 1810, 1820
Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings

County Records:
  • Carter County 1798 Tax List, with actual images
  • Grainger County's Illegal Inhabitants in the Indian Boundary, 1797
  • Grainger County Court Minutes 1796-1802, parts 14 and 15 (continuing)
  • Greene County Petition for a New County, 1788
  • Greene County 'Missing' Marriages, 1838
  • Jefferson County Will transcripts 1792-1810, parts 1 and 2 (continuing)
  • Knox County 1820 Census of Manufactures
  • Morgan County 1890 Union Veterans and Widows Census
  • Rhea County Guide to Wills and Inventories 1825-1840

Family Info:
  • Auld, Coppenger, Cowan, Donnell, Greene, McElwee, McSpadden, Park, Thompson
Volume 7