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What's New?
05 Sep 2013:
     wow - has it really been nearly 3 months?! I promise I will add more next week.

20 June 2013:
     added more to this page.

19 June 2013:
Franklin, State of
     started this page. Will finish it up shortly.

18 June 2013:
Johnson County:
     added a warning to this page.

29 May 2013:
     I learned how to make a multi-page pdf document! :)

22 May 2013:
Campbell County:
     started this page with pics of the Delap Cemetery. (Yes, I will click there to add text shortly!)
Grainger County:
     started this page with pics from Rutledge.

21 May 2013:
Campbell County:
     added this page
     added the 1890 Campbell County Veterans Census

10 May 2013:
     finished this page

07 May 2013:
     Been changing around the home page; added a thumbnail of David Hughes' survey, which 
          necessitated making it a page of it's own, here. Ditto for counties.

06 May 2013:
James County:
     added this page
Revolution - Miscellaneous
     started working on this page

30 Apr 2013:
     Just got back from a visit to Southwest Point. Plan to post some pics in a day or two - check back.

13 Apr 2013:
Anderson County:
     got to Clinton yesterday and took a picture of the Revolutionary War marker there.
Johnson County:
     made a surname list of the owners in the Johnson County 1850 Slave Schedules.

11 Apr 2013:
Subscribe to East Tennessee Roots:
    finished adding pictures

10 Apr 2013:
Carter County:
    added pictures of Sabine Hall
Subscribe to East Tennessee Roots:
    added some pictures

28 Mar 20123:
    the Introductory Special button works now (top right corner). 

27 Mar 2013:
    started a page of Miscellaneous Slavery items, accessed from the Slavery page.

25 Mar 2013:
     added more info on David Pinn, Revolutionary soldier.

21 Mar 2013:
     actually managed to add a Freefind search button to the home page! :)
Greene County:
     added births 1881-1882.
Washington County:
     added abstract of Washington Republican and Jonesborough Advertiser, 18 Aug 1837.

20 Mar 2013:
    started a page on Monroe County; hope to finish it by mid-next week. Ditto Anderson County.

14 Mar 2013 (Happy Pi Day!):
    working on a page that details contents of all the issues you will get when you subscribe.

11 Mar 2013:
NC Land Grants
    added the pdfs of Greer's warrant and survey/plat.
    added the pdf of Dungin's survey/plat.
    added the pdfs of Farnsworth's warrant and survey/plat.

Johnson County:
    added the pdfs of the rest of the Bible records.

Greene County:
    added pdfs of History of Greeneville College.